Red hair to grey

Embrace the trend of transitioning from red hair to grey and achieve a stylish and unique look. Discover top ideas to rock the grey hair color and make a bold statement.
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This gorgeous client came to see me from Salt Lake City, she has naturally red head and she was coloring her hair red for years, she started getting grey and wanted to embrace het grey and stop coloring her hair completely. I tried to give her strawberry icy blonde silver to match her roots pattern and as you see in the photos she looks amazingly beautiful. Products used: Lightener: @redken flash light with 20 vol in foils Toners: 1- to cancel some of the red stands that left out of foils…

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Redheads, embrace the grace of graying with style! Learn how to transition your unique hair color to silver strands smoothly and beautifully. #RedheadToGray #GracefulTransition

Elegantly Gray
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We’ve all been taught to believe once your red hair goes gray or white, that’s it. Your only option is to embrace the gray or color it because it’s going to be gray forever. A new study from Columbia University is showing us it might not be true anymore. Gray/white hair comes as part of the aging process so it’s normal to have gray hairs later in life, but what about those of us who haven’t even reached “mid-life” yet and are already going gray? One of the main causes of gray hair in younger…

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