Relationships are hard

Discover helpful tips and advice for navigating the challenges of relationships. Learn how to overcome obstacles and build strong, lasting connections with your loved ones.
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I won't keep saying what I want to say, what's in my heart, my mind, my soul...on the tip of my tongue and fingers, begging to be set free and given to you. I won't, because I have, several times over. And, I KNOW that you already know it all anyway. You know me in a way no one else does or ever will, which GUTS me, babe. I gave more of myself to you than I had ever thought possible, & the truth we both know is that I'll give you more, gladly. I love you. Is this really it? Is this all we…

Kara Putnam
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Don't force things to last. Relationships are hard to maintain, some work out till the end and some fail no matter how two people work on them. This one is for those of you who think you're living a lie, those of you who think you're "dragging the relationship" or…

Dr. Dar: Ways to Make Your Marriage Better + Relationship Needs