Reversed tarot meanings

Explore the intriguing world of reversed tarot card meanings and gain deeper insights into your readings. Discover how reversed cards can add nuance and depth to your tarot interpretations.
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One of the major requests for content we’ve gotten is to develop tarot cheat sheets for you all to quickly reference when doing readings. And so, I’ve gone ahead and made one for you! Remember, these are just tarot keyword references - meaning that they don’t include the full meaning of the card, but are helpful in helping you refresh your memory when going through readings. Often a keyword is enough to jog your memory.

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$6.99 for a limited time only! Usually $12 Finally a prompt sheet that also has the reversed meanings! You now only need one sheet 🙌 The prompts on this tarot card cheat sheet including reversed meanings are the ones i use most and are a collection of the meanings and phrases I personally find most suitable to me to help jog my memory. Not everyone has the ability to memorise card meanings, and having a tarot card cheat sheet is a lifesaver. There are keywords and phrases to get your memory…


Learning how to read tarot card reversals opens up a new layer of depth in your readings, offering nuanced perspectives that go beyond the upright meanings. Reversed cards can highlight internal challenges, reflect personal blockages, or suggest areas where energy is stagnant or flowing inward. The

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