Rochester castle

Uncover the rich history of Rochester Castle and immerse yourself in its captivating stories. Plan your visit and experience the awe-inspiring architecture and breathtaking views.
2010-12-14c Rochester Castle | My fifteenth image on explore… | Flickr Architecture, Art, England, Romanesque, Fortaleza, Rochester Castle, Rochester, Fort, Castle

My fifteenth image on explore (2/4/2018) reaching No. 150! Rochester Castle, on the banks of the Medway in Kent, on a cold Winter afternoon. Built at a cost of £60 in the 12th Century, replacing the original castle damaged in the Rebellion of 1088, the current structure was heavily damaged in the first and second Barons' Wars of the 13th Century, and last saw true military action in the Peasants Revolt of the 1381 (it was captured by Royalists during the Civil War, but no combat took place…

Joma B