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This simple rule gives more value to armor since it adds Damage Reduction when the character would go to less than 0 hp. RULE Armor works normally (give AC bonus) until the character goes to 0 hp then Armor absorb excess damage from that hit. Note: This damage reduction works only on the hit that would take the character below 0hp, if the character is already out of combat the damage reduction doesn't work, so if attacked again you apply the normal rules against helpless target. The Damage…

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I was asked the following question over on the Paizo boards: Can I ask a question about city design? I see advice I’ve seen elsewhere — start with the streets. But — how? How do you know how to design the streets? How many to put within a space, when to do twists and turns, … Continue reading "More City Design Tips"

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World building can be a huge undertaking. You can put countless hours into it, so you need to figure out much depth and scope you want or need. What are your goals? How can you improve your world by asking questions? Do you want to breathe life into the world with unreliable narrators?

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