Roman soldiers

Delve into the world of Roman soldiers and discover their incredible training, weapons, and tactics. Learn about the life of a Roman soldier and their significant contributions to ancient warfare.
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Throughout history, the Roman Empire has stood as an unparalleled example of the indomitable spirit and ingenuity of humankind. For over a millennium, Rome's legions marched victoriously across the vast expanse of the known world, leaving a trail of epic battles in their wake. From the legendary Battle of Lake Regillus to the cataclysmic clash at Adrianople, prepare to embark on a breathtaking journey across time, witnessing the valor, cunning, and unwavering resolve of Rome's finest…

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Personal project of a Roman Legionnaire. Evocati were soldiers in the ancient Roman Legions who had served their time and obtained honest discharge, but had voluntarily enlisted again at the invitation of a consul or commander. They had their salary doubled and were extent from common military duties, such as fortifying camps. Some were usually promoted to the rank of Centurion. The challenge was to create a real-time character and push it to look as good as possible. Polycount without…

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