Room deodorizer

Eliminate odors and create a welcoming atmosphere in your home with these room deodorizer ideas. Discover natural and effective ways to keep your space smelling fresh and inviting.
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Get rid of general odor or an old home smell with easy remedies to make your house smell good. A clean and fresh fragrance makes a space more relaxing. Eliminate a bad smell using white vinegar, a dryer sheet, baking soda, or a DIY air freshener and enjoy a more pleasant scent. #room #smell #good

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This homemade DIY deodorizer by Realistic Suwey on YouTube is an easy and cheap project that will definitely keep your house smelling fresh all the time! It uses rock sea salt, cloves, fabric softener, and some essential oil if you want. All of these materials are available in your house, plus, they are non-toxic, repel

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