Rubber ducky

Transform your bath time into a playful and fun experience with these rubber ducky ideas. Discover creative ways to incorporate rubber duckies into your bathroom decor and make bath time enjoyable for all ages.
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BIGGER IS BETTER: Our Jumbo Rubber Duck is a giant 8-inch bath toy that's perfect for babies, kids, and even adults who are young at heart! SQUEAKY FUN: Press our jumbo duckie and hear it let out an adorable squeak. Your kids will have a blast playing with their new feathered friend during bath time. SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Made of 100% safe, non-toxic materials, our rubber duckie contains no harmful chemicals like Lead, BPA, or Phthalates, making it safe for your little ones to play with…

Matthew Comras? See him in action at Crying Duck Comedy. Monday nights at Canal 125 in Kings Cross. Visit for more info. Toys, Jeeps, Retro, Friends, Animals, Wonderland, Duck Toy, Rubber Duck, Duck

You probably arrived here because you were google image searching "rubber duckies". Well that's great, because rubber duckies are great, and because you searched for them, that means you are great too. Just to enhance your viewing experience, let me tell you a little about rubber duckies. I like rubber duckies. They embody badassery (yep that's right, I just invented my own word to describe rubber duckies). But a rubber ducky with SUNGLASSES? Now that's a whole new level of awesome. Staring…

Crying Duck Comedy