Rug weaving loom

Discover the art of rug weaving with these inspiring loom ideas. Get started on your DIY project and create beautiful rugs that will enhance the decor of your home.

Making rag rugs is a project that can be customized in a lot of ways. Your choice of material, how wide you cut your strips of fabric and the size of the loom are all factors that affect the look and feel of the rug when it is finished.

Karen Dismukes
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Tapestry weaver Christabel Balfour talks through seven key designs for developing your rug weaving practise and the technical challenges that come along with them. These designs cover the skills that every rug weaver should have if they want to create beautiful and long-lasting rugs.

Marie-Jose Bacle
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John has done it again. . .He is always busy trying to improve his RAG RUG LOOMS. . .but I have to take a little credit for this one. . .for you see. . .I CHALLENGED him to make me a LARGER LOOM that could be adjusted to whatever size I needed. . .That was a few weeks ago. . .but I can't complain. . .We've been busy. . . Then this morning, the kitchen door opened and here he came. . .with the NEW LOOM in his hand. . . I simply LOVE it. . .I can make RAG RUGS as big as 31" X 47" and smaller…

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