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Unleash your inner power and embrace your divine femininity as a sacred woman. Explore empowering ideas, rituals, and practices to nourish your mind, body, and soul.
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Worshiping the feminine in all her forms. When we express our appreciation and love of the yoni, what we are also doing is worshiping the feminine in all her forms. By worshiping the yoni we are worshiping the Universe, Shakti and the truth of being a woman. We return to the true meaning of being a woman.

Tatiana Rene
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Because the Path of the Priestess is very sacred and sooo ancient, I believe it is important for us to clearly define what a Priestess is, and what is required to deepen upon the path of becoming a true Priestess. In this article, I will be sharing with you my deepest thoughts and opinions about what it means to walk the path of the Priestess and how you can begin with as much integrity and connection as possible. The Path of the Priestess is available to all women who wish to live a life of…

Suzanne van Heiningen
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Sometimes, we feel lost… as if we don’t know what we’re doing with our lives. Sometimes, we forget the connection to soul that is always there, patiently waiting for our attention. Sometimes, we lose the thread of how to come back to ourselves after taking care of everyone else. Sometimes, we need the ancient voices… Read More »Women’s Journey

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Initiations & Activations Temples of Isis Mystery School of Isis Initiations: Note: these initiations must be taken in order from 1-3 Initiation 1 Rose Alchemy Ceremony Receive the Rite of the Rose Initiation, a Sacred Priestess Ceremony from the Mystery School Teachings of Isis. LEARN MORE Initiation 2 Temple of the Venus Star Receive the ... Read more

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