Saddle shoes

Step into style with classic and stylish saddle shoes. Discover the perfect pair to complete your timeless look and add a touch of retro charm to any outfit.
1940s cheerleading outfit which i think would work nicely for Hermia's character. It all really depends on what age i make her. 1950s Fashion, Haute Couture, 1950s School Fashion, 1940s Cheerleader, 1950s Cheerleader, 1950s School, 50s School Outfit, 1950 Cheerleaders, 1940s Fashion

I love this photo, too bad it's marred by dirt (scanned from a salvaged negative). And too bad it must have been the last shot on the roll as you can see where the tape holding the film to the backing paper has left a mark at the bottom of the photo. Even though they're standing in front of a shop with a big Coke sign, the right on the left is not drinking a Coke -- it's not the right shaped bottle. The girl in the center seems to be holding an orange Crush, girl on the right is finishing…

Michelle shscostume