Salt cleanse

Discover the amazing benefits of a salt cleanse and how it can help detoxify your body. Improve your overall well-being and start feeling refreshed and rejuvenated today!
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Most of you are probably familiar with a colon cleanse, even if you haven't experienced one! Colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy is not the only method of detoxifying your digestive tract however. Performing a salt water flush is a safe and inexpensive way of cleansing your colon and eliminating the accumulation of toxins in the body. Drinking a mixture of real sea salt and water causes the body to push waste through the GI tract, release toxins and improve digestion. This method of stomach…

Sheryl Scholl
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Tiring business planning, the chaos of the city, aggressive dialogues in bilateral relations, and sometimes a stand-alone PMS period! All of these are enough for us to be loaded with negative energies during the day. Sometimes even a calm shower, yog

Sandra Calleja-Issell