Sci fi hallway

Step into a world of imagination with these futuristic sci-fi hallway designs. Explore top ideas to create a captivating and immersive experience in your own space.
"Hephaex Level 4" Modular Sci-Fi Environment, Youri Hoek on ArtStation at #artstation #art #artwork #drawing #painting #digitalart Architecture, 3d, Sci Fi Design, Sci Fi Environment, Sci Fi Props, Scifi Corridor, Sci Fi Room, Sci Fi Hallway, Sci Fi Rooms

Main purpose of this environment was practicing the Star Citizen workflow by using face-weighted normals for the models, decal sheets, trim sheets and modular building. Using these decals gave me a huge advantage in customizing the scene, being able to change the look of anything with just tweaking a slider without spending too much time on a huge master material. Sergey Tyapkin's modular sci-fi corridor was my main inspiration for this.

The Looking Glass