Scottish meat pie recipe

Discover a mouthwatering Scottish meat pie recipe that will transport you to the Highlands. Follow our step-by-step instructions and savor the authentic flavors of this traditional dish.
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These easy traditional Scotch pies are so quick to make using a basic shortcrust pastry and lamb mince. The traditional Scotch pie was made with finely chopped or minced mutton I believe so in this version of a traditional Scotch pie I am using minced lamb to recreate the flavour inside and have used similiar … Read More

Ashley Lenee
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A Scottish Bridie is simple hand-held meat pie made in a horseshoe shape. It usually contains beef, and sometimes onion, and a few various seasonings. Forfar Bridies are named after the town of Forfar, in Angus, where it’s said a baker called Mr Jolly invented them around the late 19th century in Back Wynd, which is now known as Queen Street (story as told in The Scots Kitchen).