Scottish terrier haircut

Give your Scottish Terrier a fresh and stylish look with these creative haircut ideas. Find the perfect cut that will enhance your dog's unique features and personality.
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Have you ever wanted the life of a Scottish lord or lady? Well, that may not be easy to arrange but you can certainly live alongside a Scottish dignitary – just get a Scottish terrier for a pet! Is this as much fun as it sounds, however? Is a Scottie the right pet for you? Let’s investigate!

Lori DeStefano
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The Scottish Terrier, also known as the Aberdeen Terrier or Scottie, is known for its spunky, independent personality. While individual dogs have their own quirks, the breed as a whole shares certain characteristics that comprise the classic Scottish Terrier temperament. This article will explore 8 common personality traits that help define the essence of the Scottie breed.


~Josh and Sheba, playing their favorite game~ The colorful foliage is rapidly diminishing in our area. Within a week or so, winter woods will prevail. But on Saturday, we enjoyed autumn’s last colorful hurrah. The crisp air felt more like mid-December than mid-November. ~Sheba~ Today we still have the cold temperatures, but there are clouds that will soon bring us some much needed rain. As I mentioned in my last post, Buddy has settled in nicely and is getting used to his new routine…

Liz Howeth