Sears craftsman houses

Learn about the iconic Sears Craftsman houses and their timeless design. Discover the beauty and craftsmanship of these historic homes and find inspiration for your own.
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Competing with other kit home builders in the first quarter of the 20th century, Sears offered an assortment of home plans and kits that had appeal to a broad spectrum of home buyers. Small bungalows, large farmhouses, four squares, and lightly decorated Queen Anne styles provided something for nearly everyone. All were available by order

Carol Chambers
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The search for Sears Roebuck houses nationwide was launched in the mid-1970's when the Wall Street Journal published an article about them. Prior to that article, the few people who knew about Sears houses often were the people who owned them and long-time employees of Sears. This was a case of unfortunate timing. Had the Wall Street Journal article come out a few years earlier, we could have had access to a wealth of information about the Sears Modern Homes department. In 1973 when Sears…