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Learn powerful self defense techniques to protect yourself and stay safe in any situation. Discover top techniques that can empower you and give you confidence in your personal safety.
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As the story goes with most men, we're fighters and hunters by nature. So wanting to learn a form of PRACTICAL martial arts shouldn't come as too big of a surprise, and the Israeli Martial Arts of Krav-Maga is about as bad ass as it gets! Along with sambo (russian martial arts), this style of ... Read more

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No one wants to think about being the victim of a violent crime, but sticking your head in the sand isn't the solution — especially if you're in a more vulnerable group. The fact is, three women die each day in the United States at the hands of their significant other, and 1 in 5 women will be the victim of an attempted rape or rape over the course of their lifetime. Studies show that LGBTQ+ people are also disproportionately affected by violent crimes, with transgender people experiencing…

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Basic Street Safety for Women: I have experienced two physical assaults in my life. The second was especially shaking and I have since become passionate about spreading solid self defense tips to the people around me. I may reference this incident as it is relevant to the Ible, b…

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Being attacked is a situation no one wants to get into, but unfortunately, nobody is 100% safe from this experience. Though it’s always better to undergo special training beforehand, knowing the basics of self-defense will also help you to feel more comfortable and empowered in an emergency situation.