Sensory boxes

Engage your child's senses with these fun and educational sensory box ideas. Discover how to create sensory experiences that promote learning and development in a playful way.
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Sensory bins are incredibly magical. The possibilities for what you can include and what your cuties can create is limitless! After becoming comfortable with sensory bins and making them a regular part of our play, I wanted to make things a bit more exciting! I thought a great place to start was by adding some […]

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How to Dye Beans and Make a Mini Sensory Bin - Pocket of Preschool

I love to dye beans for sensory play and it is super EASY! It may look overwhelming at first, but I'll show you how to make colored beans with 4 easy steps. Once you see how easy it is, you will be dying beans for all things like sensory bottles, sensory tables, and writing trays.

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Morning Busy Boxes for Toddlers

Inside: Let’s make morning busy boxes for a toddler! This game-changing idea will have them actually engaged and playing with their toys. Mornings are undoubtedly a tricky time with a toddler. You have a tiny human who has immediate needs, plus your own needs, and maybe a baby or older siblings as well? Suddenly you need to be making breakfast, holding them, reading 97 books,

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