Septic eye

Explore a collection of captivating art and designs inspired by the septic eye. Find unique creations that showcase the mystique and allure of this iconic symbol.
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"My Irish Idiot" A Septiplier Fanfic (Markiplier X Jacksepticeye) - "Not What Meets the Eye" Chapter One

(Takes place in a school AU, and yes I know how much it has been done.) Sean Mcloughlin has started highschool in Ireland, and he already has a reputation. Everything always goes wrong and he ends up being blamed for it. Now he is known as the school delinquent. Mark Fischback is your typical popular kid. Plenty of friends, girls practically begging to date him, and everyone loves him. However, he has secrets he can never let anyone know. How will the couple meet? Find out~ -Okay, I know…

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