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Discover the art of Shibori and master various techniques with our easy-to-follow tutorials. Create stunning patterns and designs on fabric using the ancient Japanese dyeing method.
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Following on from Part One last weekend, here is Part Two of our Shibori techniques tutorial. Remember to check the Organic Indigo Vat Tutorial to use in combination with these techniques. The first method I will show you is a traditional Japanese technique known as Itajme. This is the name given to a method of...

Lindsey Johnston
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I've been looking at shibori (a Japanese form of dyeing fabric using indigo dye and done by tying knots twisting and wrapping the fabric) for ages and I finally had some free time to try it out. These are my first attempts and I love them! I just cut up scrap fabric that I had into squares to try out a few different techniques. You can honestly make anything, scarves, blankets, bibs, tshirts, wall art, cushions, sarongs, rugs, quilts; the list is as long as your imagination!

Helena de Almeida
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A visual dictionary of techniques. Click on the ‘play’ buttons next to the names to hear the Japanese pronunciations. For detailed instruction on techniques see Jane’s book ‘Stitched Shibori’. Why not book into her interactive zoom courses ‘Shibori Stream’ – You can read the reviews by students and see her students’ members gallery. Stitched Shibori […]

Anne-Dorthe Grigaff
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Do you want to learn how to create stunning fabric art with ancient Japanese techniques? In this post, you’ll discover how to do Shibori tie-dye, a fascinating fabric art that involves folding, binding, stitching, clamping, or wrapping fabric before dyeing it. You’ll learn about the history and culture of Shibori, the materials and tools you’ll need, the different techniques and patterns you can try, and the dyeing process and care tips. You’ll also get inspired by some creative ideas for…

Anita Wilson