Shigeo fukuda

Explore the captivating works of Shigeo Fukuda, a renowned artist known for his artistic brilliance. Discover his unique style and thought-provoking sculptures that will leave you inspired.
It's Nice That : Posthumously introducing the undisputed king of Japanese Graphic design, Shigeo Fukuda Japanese Graphic Design, Minimal, Cover Design, Tokyo, Design, Japanese Poster Design, Japanese Design, Graphic Art, Artwork

Long before Noma Bar cut out his first silhouette, Japanese designer Shigeo Fukuda was creating startlingly bare poster designs of logo-like simplicity, often bitingly satirical in their content and always expertly composed. Like Escher before him, Fukuda's work experiments boldly with perspective, negative space and the visual and geometric interplay between elements on the page, often disorientating the viewer with its constructed depth and irregular visual planes. Unlike Escher however…

Dejan Bogdanovic