Sid vicious

Explore the fascinating life and enduring legacy of punk rock icon Sid Vicious. Discover his influential music, rebellious style, and tragic story that continues to captivate fans today.

A new exhibition offers a revealing and intimate portrait of Sid Vicious, and includes many pictures never before seen of the most infamous of punk icons. Here, the photographer Eileen Polk, a close friend who was with Sid on the night he died, talks to Fiona Sturges about the last days of a music legend

Punk, Dead, Punks Not Dead

A new batch of ‘Cowboy’ t-shirts is now available. They were printed a couple of weeks ago & Johannes who oversaw this took some photos of the process for your pleasure.A t-shirt print with a lot of history with Westwood it was first created in 1975 for the shop ‘SEX’. It has for a long ... Continue reading »

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