Side Stitch

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This page gives you an idea of how the reverse of the basic stitches looks like. As a beginner, we are curious to know how the reverse or the back-side should end up - just to make sure that we are stitching the right way. So, I have picked the...

Tasha Bretz
Knitting tutorial for beginners that shows how to make slip-stitch selvedges - a simple way to make neat side edges Knitting Help, Knitting Stiches, Knitting Hacks, Knitting Basics, Knitting Techniques, Beginner Knitting Patterns, Knitting Stitches, Knitting For Beginners, Knitting Instructions

When we want to make lovely side edges on a project, we should remember to work side stitches in a certain way that guarantees that the edges will be uniform and nice-looking. These important stitches even have a special name – selvedges. There are a number of ways to work selvedge stitches with each way […]

Lynellen Watson
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Since today is Saturday - and since the weather's nice and there's Much To Do - I just thought I'd pop in for a brief moment to let you know that I updated the Chain Stitch Video here on Needle 'n Thread. Chain stitch is definitely a stitch to have in your repertoire. Beginners who have lear

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