Simple asian breakfast

Start your day with a simple and flavorful Asian breakfast. Explore a variety of tasty dishes that will satisfy your morning cravings and give you a boost of energy.
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These Korean Tuna Pancakes are quick & easy to make, yet make for an incredibly satisfying meal that's full of scrumptious flavor. Made with simple ingredients from the pantry, these savory pancakes come together in just 15 minutes, to be served over hot rice or added to your burger. #koreanfood #easyrecipe #banchan #tuna

Japanese Egg Sandwich Recipe - 卵サンド (Tamago Sando) is as simple as it is delicious. & because it is so simple, the key to making a really good one is using quality ingredients.
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So if you didn’t already know, I recently got caught up in perfecting the art of Jammy eggs. It was an interesting kitchen eggs-periment but I ended up with a whole bunch of cooked eggs just lying …

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My morning like yours, normally start in a rush. From having to take my 15 month old border collie out for a one hour run to the nearest dog park to taking a shower and getting ready for the day, I rarely have any time to have breakfast during the week. My usual go to is a boiled egg on toast with a squeeze of kew pie

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