Sith lord

Embrace the power of the Dark Side with these epic Sith Lord costume ideas. Discover how to transform into a formidable force and rule the galaxy at your next cosplay event.

Dorkan, a renegade Lord Sith who travels the galaxy spreading his power through the dark arts and hunting down hidden Jedi. His only goal is to destroy those who stand in his way and gain more power in the force, even if it means replacing parts of his body with mechanical parts.

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The Jedi Code, known apocryphally as the Jedi's Meditation,[4] was a set of rules and tenets in the Jedi Order, a religious order that devoted to the ways of the Force. The Code evolved over the course of centuries and applied to all members of the Order, from Jedi Initiates and Padawans, to Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters. Among the precepts of the Code was a rule forbidding a Jedi from training more than one Padawan at any given time. The Code also embodied the philosophical ideals of the…