Sliding dog gates indoor diy

Keep your furry friend safe and stylish with these DIY sliding dog gate ideas for indoor spaces. Explore creative ways to create barriers that are functional and visually appealing.
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This is a follow up to a previous post, DIY Wood Farmhouse Baby Gates. This is just another version of the Wood Farmhouse Baby Gate!Level: Easy to make the gate, Intermediate to installTime: 60 minutes (longer with paint drying and installation time!)Materials: Wood, paint or stain, Liquid Nails or a nail gun, wheels/casters, door stoppers, locking mechanism, stud finderWhen I originally made my gates I knew I needed one for the bottom and top of our stairs. When I made the gate for the top…

Helen Williams
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If we could build the perfect room from scratch, what would it look like? What features would it contain? Let’s have ourselves a little daydream… You ever notice how, far more so than an ability to perform high-level tasks, it is the most mundane ones that test and/or reveal a person's intelligence? Forget about astro