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Discover simple and exciting slime recipes that are perfect for kids. Get creative with different textures, colors, and add-ins to make the best slime ever!
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how to make fluffy slime

If you enjoy making homemade slime, then you will probably love making fluffy slime! It’s puffy and fluffy and really fun to play with once made. This is also sometimes called cloud slime. Fluffy slime is a perfect rainy day activity, and the best kids craft. It has a marshmallow consistency that makes it a…

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How To Make Slime Without Glue Or Borax l How To Make Slime With Flour and Salt l No Glue Slime | Easy slime recipe, Easy slime, Slime no glue

Jul 14, 2022 - How To Make Slime Without Glue l How To Make Slime With Flour and Salt l Testing No Glue Simehello everyone in this video im going to make slime without glue...

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How to Make Fluffy Slime

Fluffy slime is SO COOL! It's just like regular slime, except it's fluffy and puffy and sooooo much fun! This just might be my favourite slime recipe that we've ever tried! Picture any normal slime recipe. Now imagine that same slime all puffed up and fluffy... kind of like a foam squishy. That's how I would describe fluffy slime. The foamy texture is really fun! This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a small commission which helps us run this…

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