Small closet door ideas

Transform your small closet with these creative door ideas that maximize space and add a touch of style. Find the perfect solution to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.
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mini closet makeover

Okay folks, this makeover isn’t about pretty, it’s about function. You saw what our tiny master closet looked like: Help me, Rhonda. I really let it go because I knew I was EVENTUALLY going to get to it, so why bother? I had this rad plan when my husband was going to be out of town for 3 days to surprise him with a master bedroom makeover when he came home. I was going to be awesome and organize the closet, paint, makeover a dresser, make a headboard and create a beautiful retreat to welcome…

Katie Ellis
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How to Turn a Bi-fold Door into a Barn Door

I’m frequently asked how we updated our bifold doors into single doors so I put together this tutorial. Our bifold pantry door was the most asked about since we created a DIY faux barn door look. Watch the video for more tips to turn a bifold closet door into a single door. This update is so cheap and easy, you will be wondering why you waited to so long to update to single doors Instead of bifold doors.

Carson Jean
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Tearing Out The Bedroom Closets! - Chris Loves Julia

A friend of mine was picking my brain earlier this week about how she could add more storage to her home. Closets and storage solutions make such huge difference in the quality of life in a home and it’s not always something we think about when looking at a home. While that’s all true, sometimes […]

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