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About this item One of a kind design - makes a great idea for crafting gift. This Soap Mold is made of 100% high quality, platinum - food grade silicone rubber. Mold is easy to use and clean, even a newby can make a great looking soap. Mold is flexible and very durable - can be used for years. Apart from soap it be used with resin, clay, plaster, wax, cement, gypsum,chocolate and many others. Finished Soap Weight:approx. 150g (5oz) Finished soap size: 98mm x 55mm x 34mm. One inch is 25mm.

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Soap carving is one of those crafts a lot of kids do once or twice during childhood. Few people, though, master the pastime quite like Janet Bolyard, author of “The Complete Book of Soap Carving.” Bolyard credits sculptor Brenda Putnam for elevating soap carving into an American art form. Looking for a medium to sculpt other than wax or clay, Putnam settled on soap and Procter & Gamble helped her procure large blocks of the malleable substance to work on. But that didn’t make the pastime…

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An easy and inexpensive way to make small scale sculpture at home. You will need: 1. A bar of soap 2. A sharp point [like a needle or compass] to lightly scratch on your design 3. A teaspoon to scrape away large areas of soap 4. A small flat screwdriver to scrape away smaller areas of soap. [A metal nail file could also be used here - improvise!] As soap is soft you do not need to use knives or other potentially dangerous equipment.

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