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Perhaps I'm experiencing the Benjamin Button effect. Back in my teens I was an avid airplane modeller, building many of the old Airfix 1/24th scale kits: the Spitfire, Hurricane, ME109 and a Harrier among others. This past winter, looking for a distraction, I started looking at models again and was amazed at the progress the hobby has made. There's now a whole cottage issue of after-market part manufacturers refining and augmenting state-of-the-art kits. Tiny details etched in metal, cast in…

Andrew Bracken
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The previous foamcore booth, as pretty as it was, wasn't holding up well anymore. It took a drop some time during the winter, and it being in the cold, the tape had gone dry and brittle. So if it wasn't already bad enough the hinges were nearly broken off, the tape would no longer stick. The panels were getting warped out of shape, and as it stands, it's way too large for spraying small cars. I had thought a larger space would help with the paint vapour backing out of the confinement. Seems…

Aaron LaClair
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Build Your Own Spray Booth If you are a hands-on do it yourselfer, or just want a high quality spray booth, creating a spray booth yourself might be the right route for you. All you need are some basic tools, common materials, and at least a few hours.We recently created our own hobby spray booth, it worked out very well for us so we created this article to show you how we did it. Choose the type of wood you prefer, follow the instructions, and start building your spray booth now.

Vent Works
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Wow! Almost a year since I posted here.. I need to post more often. Here's my latest project... 📷 I needed a new paint booth to fit in my new house, so here it is. I used two filters so I didn't need to vent outside. Since I spray with acrylics only, fumes are not an issue. It's wired with lights and I can leave the vent running afterwards if I want. All of this for around $150 total. I'll have more info up later. If you'de like to see my earlier design, check out my Blogspot blog…