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Explore the captivating world of Star Trek through these must-read books. Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures and discover new dimensions of your favorite characters.
Cover art by Joseph Csatari, Vibrant Oxymoron - An Obsessive Society: TOS Star Trek Novels and their Cover Art (Part One) Fan Art, Zachary Quinto, Star Trek, Art, Fan, Spock Zachary Quinto, Star Trek Art, Star Trek Spock, Leonard Nimoy

My collection of Star Trek novels has grown exponentially over the last couple of years, and I have found myself reading a few novels up to tens times before moving on to another. It was the cover that first got me interested, but then the story kept me coming back. Here I have scanned some of my favorite covers (cropped to focus on the art work) and included with a brief synopsis, my rating, and the names of the author(s) and artist. Black Fire by Sonni Cooper - Cover art by Boris Vallejo…

Markus Diaz
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No doubt, Finnegan drew moustaches on Kirk's pictures in ALL the yearbooks. Look at those chubby lil' cheeks on Jim Kirk! No wonder Carol Marcus couldn't resist. Spock was no doubt in charge of the 3D AV Club when he wasn't discussing whether the current incarnation of "Doctor Who" was up to his standards (yes, "Doctor Who" is STILL running in the 23rd century). Bones, well, he's probably yelling at the guys in his dorm to turn down that infernal music while he's studying. And a special…

Crystal Vargo