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Explore a collection of unique and intriguing steampunk gadgets that will transport you to a world of Victorian-inspired innovation. Discover top ideas to add a touch of retro-futurism to your life.
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Castlefest is a festival to honour the sun, which at the Celts was worshipped as the god Lugh. This god brought mankind a lot of good things; he taught us how to grow grain and he warms the earth, so that the grain can grow and we can eat. The old Celtic harvest feast Lughnasadh is held in honour of this god. To this day heathens and Celtics alike celebrate this feast yearly around the first of August, also on Castlefest! Castlefest is een festival ter ere van de zon, die bij de Kelten werd…

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This fascinating subculture was visited only once by Vermont DeadLine in my previous post entitled "And Now For Steampunk Completely Different". It is a new year, and in my humble opinion, it is worth revisiting. These people have taken every day objects and reinvented them into fascinating, [mostly] useful devices and gadgets. To me, the level of work put into creating what really is art, exemplifies Steampunk as a stand on its own genre. Thankfully, the exact recipe for creating anything…

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