Steampunk mechanic

Unleash your creativity with these unique steampunk mechanic ideas. Discover the perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and mechanical innovation for your next project.
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After the invention of the Difference Engine Charles Babbage (Father of computers) goes on to successfully invent the Analytical Engine. And with the help of this invention and the population boom, things have gotten quite hectic at the Central Statistics Bureau. There are two sets of professionals working here - one which deals with data and one which deals with the working and maintenance of the machines that help calculate and store the precious stats and projections. These two sets of…

Brandon Thacker
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Тестовое задание - по готовому дизайну персонажа из нейросети отрисовать с доработкой в высоком разрешении (4-кратное относительно исходника) персонажа интерактивной новеллы.