Stone weaving

Explore the fascinating world of stone weaving and discover unique techniques and ideas to create stunning artworks. Get inspired to incorporate stone weaving into your own creative projects.

Japanese Basket Rocks (with Clay!): Have you ever seen Japanese Basket Rocks? Traditionally you use basketry cane, leather or even rope to make these rocks but I decided to try using polymer clay instead! These decorative stones are a nice little addition to your office or home decor …

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This "Stone Fossil" seeks to capture a moment in time when a leaf or insect is captured in a brief embrace with the forming rock and they each imprint on each other. This lace rock (NZ schist) is made from 100% cotton thread which has been crocheted into lace that seamlessly encapsulates the rock. Each rock dictates the form of the lace as the tensions and curves pull the lace into a unique shape. There is a beautiful contrast of soft and hard, earth made and man made, nature and art. Each…

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