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Discover creative ways to incorporate a string shelf into your home decor. Get inspired by top ideas to add a touch of modern elegance to any room.
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String Furniture String Pocket shelf, ash-white

String Pocket is a compact and elegant shelf for books, collectables and other small items. Launched in 2005 by the Swedish manufacturer String, String Pocket is part of the popular collection designed by Nils Strinning in 1949. The minimalist design consists of three shelves and two ladder-like side panels that can also be combined into larger units both vertically and horizontally. String Pocket is available in an array of colours and suitable for multiple uses and spaces.

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String Sides Panels H. 75

The side panels suspended from the collection of products from String to create different solutions to make your library according to the needs of each day and for each environment. Made of metal. These sides are great for those who want to organize a work space or studio in a small space. Modern and versatile. String is a shelving system and hips suitable for different living environments, it is characterized by its ease of use and clean shapes. A practical and contemporary, for those who…

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This Trendy Shelf is All Over European Homes, and It’s One of the Best Ways to Store Books

As a lover of books, I’m always on the hunt for a well-styled shelf that’s also practical for storing my collection. Lately, one version seems near omnipresent in the European homes I’ve been peering into via Instagram: the String Shelf from String Furniture. In essence, String’s shelving system, which you can see above and below, is wall-mounted and modular with simple, clean lines that are typical of Scandinavian style.

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String Furniture – My chat with co-founder and owner, Peter Erlandsson - Nordic Notes Pocket Sand, String Regal, String Pocket, String Shelf, Timber Shelves, String System, Small Bookcase, Scandinavian Decor, House Doctor

String Furniture – My chat with co-founder and owner, Peter Erlandsson - Nordic Notes

I’m sure many of you will be very familiar with the brand behind my first “chat with…” of the year, String Furniture. I for one am the proud owner of several of their shelving and storage systems, and dread to think what an unorganised mess my family and I would be in without them. While


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