Stuffed cabbage leaves

Discover mouthwatering recipes for stuffed cabbage leaves that will satisfy your cravings. From traditional to unique variations, find the perfect recipe to elevate your cooking.
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Classic Stuffed Cabbage Rolls make a delicious and healthy dinner for a cozy night in. This easy traditional Polish-style cabbage roll recipe is a healthy, gluten-free, and lower-carb comfort food dish your family is sure to love!

Sarah Bowdoin
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This is my Mom’s recipe for Dolmathes or Greek stuffed cabbage leaves. I fondly remember the aroma of these filling our house, ensuring no-one was ever late to dinner when they were on the menu! These Dolmathes are much larger and heartier than classic stuffed grape leaves and are a perfect family comfort food meal. Make sure you have a loaf of rustic bread for dipping, so no juices go to waste!

Renee Portolese Brooks
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Our recipe for Stuffed Cabbage Leaves. Offers an inviting meal. Combining the comfort of soft cabbage. With a delicious blend of seasoned ground meat and rice. Each cabbage leaf holds a mixture coated in a tomato sauce. That hints at Mediterranean culinary traditions. More than a dish. It tells a tale of heritage. Affection and the joy of preparing food. Transforming a dinner into a moment. While creating lasting memories over shared meals.

Linda Roach