Survival project

Discover essential survival project ideas to enhance your outdoor skills and preparedness. Explore tips, tricks, and gear recommendations to thrive in challenging environments.
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If you find yourself swept into rapids, you should hold onto the first fixed object you find and not stand up, like Mark Lyons did. These survival hacks are not just for the most extreme cases because even demisting your car windscreen is important for avoiding a serious road accident. So, if you are an avid explorer or see yourself more as a homebody, it is important to be prepared for any situation you may find yourself in.

Serge Casavant
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Stone Oven -How to Build / Use Primitive Cooking Technology-: Whether in modern or primitive times, the cooking gear needed to grill or bake a hearty meal can be appreciated by all. This Instructable is an introduction to a more basic cooking technology, from a time when electric/gas stoves and ovens had not y…

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