Sweater bags

Keep your sweaters neatly stored and protected with these stylish and functional sweater bags. Discover the best options to keep your wardrobe organized and your sweaters in great condition.
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Today's little craft project is turning this Goodwill purchased alpaca sweater into a lovely rose covered bag. Since I spent the weekend cleaning out the camel house I figured I deserved something beautiful and not smelling like poo! The sweater was a mens X-large that is felted (washed in hot and dried on hot twice until it shrunk to a large child's size sweater...you know it felted when you can no longer see the stitches and it will not unravel when cut) I paid $3.00 for the sweater... I…

Darcy Berg
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Of all of the fabrics that I work with I have a special fondness for wool. Raw, roving, yarn, but most especially felted vintage goodness. I love the feel of a beautiful skirt or sweater felted and ready to cut. There is just so much to create with it and once I get cutting there is no stopping me! After I felted this cable sweater, the gorgeous pattern in the center screamed "make me a bag" to me and so that is just what I did (mostly because I find it hard to ignore the screaming in…

Cathy Macierz