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Indulge in a variety of mouthwatering candy options that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Discover top ideas to treat yourself to a delectable sugar rush.
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Happy Saturday! How is this the last weekend of October? I hope you’re celebrating by making a candy charcuterie board like the one above! It’s too fun. This week on the blog I shared this maple BBQ salmon which is such a weeknight hit. I also made this three cheese spaghetti squash, hocus pocus punch […]

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To Lim's surprise, they were still able to taste the glucose oligomers even while they couldn't taste sugars. According to Lim, this likely means that we're able to taste starchiness all on its own (without sweetness). But Lim says we don't yet know the mechanism by which we can taste it — her team has not found starchy receptors on the tongue, so it's a topic for further research.

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Surprise balls are my new obsession. I love that I can easily create them into any shape that I want. And they just so happen to yield themselves perfectly to an advent calendar. Last week I shared how to make ornament surprise balls, and this week I’m sharing how to make them look like sweet […]

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