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Discover helpful tips and strategies to make Tax Day a breeze. Maximize your deductions, avoid common pitfalls, and file your taxes with confidence.
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Only a week to go before your taxes are due. Need some motivation? I put together a little playlist for you. Pull up these songs on iTunes, my Spotify playlist, or my YouTube playlist to make the process at least somewhat fun. On an unrelated note, I tried to make popcorn balls last night. It didn't work out and now I have my two favorite cookie sheets soaking to remove the cement like substance. On a related note, I think my candy thermometer is broken. You win this time, popcorn…

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There is a misconception that the TCJA has simplified the tax process. While some aspects have gotten easier, there continues to be significant complexity for many taxpayers. Working in tandem with your tax professional is the best course of action to navigate these changes in an effective manner.

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For most accountants, today is probably the most anticipated day of the year in both a good and bad way. For most, it marks the end of tax prep season which is a huge relief but at the same time, it's the most important and stressful deadline of the year. Luckily, I had everything done and filed a few weeks ago so today really isn't that big of deal...pheww On a separate note, I found this article below pretty comical! It shows how Tax Day has become a Protest Day and that American taxpayers…

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