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Explore the iconic collaboration between Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw. Discover their best songs together and experience the magic of their musical partnership.
Taylor Swift in 2006. Back when she was actually a country girl. Her first album was the first CD I ever bought. Pin Up, Taylor Swift, Queen, Tim Mcgraw, Outfits, People, Country Girls, Taylor Alison Swift, Taylor Swift Photoshoot

Hey, we're almost finished with our latest Top 100 Coolest of the Year list! We've counted down 80 things that were cool about 2007, and with 20 left, here's the next ten... 20. Paula Maddox Its misleading to say that I end up being friends with my Drama Moms, ie, mothers of those students in WalkAbout... while its true, its also important to note that 9 times out of 10, I never even meet the dad, only the mom. Which is why I was always fond of those moms like Jana's mom, Paige & Garretts…