Tea bowls

Enhance your tea drinking experience with these unique tea bowl designs. Discover a wide range of styles and materials to find the perfect tea bowl for your peaceful tea time.

Bowls hold secret powers. They are the perfect shape. They are functional, simple, yet they can hold so much meaning for us. When I was slinging clay around in college, I felt the need to prove something to myself by focusing on making giant clay sculptures. They were funny. And heavy. On the side I […] More

Steffenie Jones
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Yunomi, Tea Cup; by Isamu Tagami of Hinata Kiln, Mashiko. Kaki glaze with wax-resist pattern of bamboo leaves on snow. Nuka glaze interior. H.3.125"(8cm) x Dia.3"(7.5c.) Volume=7oz(210cc.) Tagami Isamu was born in 1947 in Mooka, a village neighboring to Mashiko. He married into the Sudo family and apprenticed under Sudo Takeo. He was originally trained as a Japanese chef and had his own restaurant before embarking on a career in pottery, giving him a unique perspective on functional wares…