Teaching conjunctions

Discover effective strategies to teach conjunctions to students and help them enhance their writing skills. Explore engaging activities and resources to make learning about conjunctions fun and interactive.
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Conjunctions can be a tricky thing for beginning readers to learn and understand.Conjunctions are used to join words or groups of words together. The most common ones are and, or, and but. There are also many other conjunctions and many different types of conjunctions. Sometimes they can be hard to keep track of. Fortunately, there are lots of helps available to remember them!

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Get Hands On with Conjunctions! Make a quick and easy manipulative to bring the conjunctions alive. Combine sentences to create compound subjects or predicates. Montessori, Teaching Conjunctions, Grammar Activities, Sentence Activities, Conjunctions Activities, 4th Grade Writing, Teaching Writing, Compound Sentences, Compound Subjects And Predicates

As a child, grammar baffled me. I could never remember all the rules. I remember tuning out whenever conjunctions, dangling participles, or any other grammar terminology surfaced. This grammar deficiency made it very difficult to teach grammar. I had a grammar phobia... It took me awhile to get in my grammar groove. I basically had to rethink and reteach MYSELF all of the grammar rules that I had tuned out as a child. This included conjunctions. A conjunction is a word that is used to…

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