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Discover innovative strategies and activities to make teaching orchestra a fun and interactive experience. Engage your students with creative lesson plans and inspire a love for music.
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After seeing a fingering poster online that another orchestra teacher had created, I knew I wanted to make a set for myself. I cut strips of black paper at various widths to show the strings from thickest to thinnest (1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1"), laminated the poster, then used Velcro to mark where each note would go. Each letter name bubble was cut out, laminated, and Velcro-ed. I also taped a plastic baggie to the back of the poster to store the unused notes. At one school, I have a strip of…

Gretchen Carlson
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From time to time, we have checkup days in small groups, where each student plays for me individually and then I can give some one-on-one feedback to each student. I prefer to emphasize the value of the individualized feedback, talking about what's going well and where there is room for improvement, rather than calling it a playing test and emphasizing the grade part of it. I do enter grades from these checkups, but I don't think that's as useful to students as the one-on-one mini-lesson…

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Wanna be a cool orchestra teacher? Try this idea with your beginners! I've been listening to the song 'Keep Your Head Up' and I love it! Perfect for bow exercises...but it got me thinking... If I could change the words a little - especially in the chorus - it would be perfect to use to teach proper instrument position. So I changed the words to the song: I plan on having my orchestra learn the words (at least to the chorus) and sing them while we are setting our left hand positions. I…

Ashlyn Reay
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A few days ago a received a letter from a reader: I teach 4th and 5th grade beginning strings and orchestra. I absolutely love your website and use many of your ideas and tips! I am wondering if you have any advice on classroom management within orchestra rehearsals. I have 60 fifth graders who have been playing their instrument for about a year and a half. I am mainly having trouble at the beginning of class. Oftentimes there are about 15 kids lined up for me to tune their instruments, kids…

Angela Harman from Orchestra Classroom
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I just survived the first 9 days of school. Wow...it's been busy! After a long summer break, it's always a shock to my system to start getting up early and working again. I love the first few weeks of school. Students are motivated and excited and I love seeing them delight in learning and developing their talents. It is so important to give students a great start. I am passionate about setting up beginners with the best possible position. When students develop poor position it can be very…

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I like to call Friday rehearsals 'Friday Fun Day!' I want Fridays to be a celebration of all we learned during the week, but also serve as a meaningful review and reinforcement of material. Last week one of my students said, 'It's funny you call Fridays 'Friday fun day' because every day is fun!' Learning an instrument is fun...that means the pressure is off! No need to spend hours and hours planning intricate games. I've found my favorite Friday Fun Day is a review day using Ninja Belts as…