Tenkara rod

Experience the simplicity and elegance of tenkara fishing with the best tenkara rods on the market. Find the perfect rod to enhance your fishing adventures and enjoy the thrill of catching fish in a whole new way.
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Right now, go to your gear closet, man cave, garage, armory, or wherever you keep your fishing gear. Grab your tenkara rod and shake it (vertically). Hear that rattle? It's the collapsed segments of your rod slamming into the end cap. No, it isn't broken. In fact, most tenkara rods do this--it's just intrinsic

Robert Weinberg
Tenkara Fishing, Tenkara Rod, Fly Tying Tools, Survival Fishing, Bamboo Rods, Moving To Colorado, Bamboo Fly Rod, Fishing Guide, Fishing Tools

Today, I got something in the mail that has been in the works for months: my bamboo tenkara rod. A while back, I contacted Chuck Ledgerwood from Prize Catch Inc. and asked him if he could make me a tenkara-style rod in bamboo. He was really enthusiastic about the project right from the start and

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Whether it's a job, hobby, or mandated endeavor, starting anything new can be frustrating. Everything's different, strange, unfamiliar. And even if you genuinely want to do it in your mind, there can be roadblocks that make you question your now seemingly idealistic intentions. Tenkara is no exception. When I first started tenkara, I faced many

bob cason