The last waltz

Experience the magic of 'The Last Waltz', a legendary musical farewell featuring iconic performances by renowned artists. Relive the unforgettable moments and discover the story behind this historic concert.
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Jonathan Taplin has been the tour manager for Bob Dylan and The Band, producer of Mean Streets and The Last Waltz with Martin Scorsese, a media and tech entrepreneur, author, and a Facebook critic. He shares lessons on leadership, culture, disruption, and change for business and tech leaders.

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Bob Dylan stands between Ralph Rinzler and John Herald of the folk and bluegrass group the Greenbriar Boys at the Gaslight nightclub in New York City in October of 1962. Singers Club 1962 Image Credit: Brian Shuel/Redferns/Getty Images Bob Dylan performs at the Singers Club Christmas Party in London on December 22nd, 1962. Portrait 1962 […]

The Making of The Last Waltz, the Band’s Concert-Film Masterpiece | Vanity Fair Films, Dance, Concert, Film, Documentary Film, Live Concert, The Last Waltz, Vogue Dance, Waltz Dance

When the Band decided to stop touring, they asked a young director named Martin Scorsese to put their farewell concert on film. In an excerpt from his new memoir, Testimony, guitarist-songwriter Robbie Robertson recalls the night of Thanksgiving 1976, where electric performances by legends such as Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell created rock history.

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