The lion sleeps tonight

Embark on a musical journey through the African wildlife with 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. Explore the mesmerizing sounds of nature and experience the rhythm of the wild.
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We all like to imitate animal sounds and this All-boy choir did an amazing job with their “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” performance. Dagillis, a Lithuanian all-boys choir, performed an epic rendition of George David Weiss' song The Lion Sleeps Tonight in 2017. The boys imitated animal noises with their hands and mouths in addition to

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‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ is one of those songs that seems as good as it gets. After all, Disney magic is known for stunning soundtracks. That’s exactly why this ten-man performance is so amazing. The harmony delivered by Straight No Chaser has captured the distinctive feeling of this iconic track, while at the same time

Nancy Kruger