Three dogs

Discover practical tips and tricks for living harmoniously with your three dogs. From training techniques to home decor ideas, create a happy and balanced life for you and your furry friends.
Woman’s Photoshoot Of Her Three Dogs With Sunflowers Goes Hilariously Wrong When They Discover How Tasty The Flowers Are Ideas, Dog Photoshoot, White Dog Images, Dog Pictures, White Dogs, Dog Images Pictures, Dog Images, She Dog, Herding Breed

Agnieszka Ciszyńska decided to photograph her three adorable White Swiss Shepherds in a sunflower field in Poland. The photoshoot took an unexpected turn when the dogs were more interested in how the flowers tasted than elegantly posing with them.

Kimberly Stover
Three Dog Road Trip ~ how can you not love dogs thats my kind of travel dogs Dogs, Funny Dog Pictures, Funny Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Funny Dog Photos, Dog Lovers, Dog Love, Bull Terrier, Dog Pictures

It's not the clearest picture, but it suits. I'm heading out on a trip and will be gone for 12 days. Hope you are all safe and sound. And yes, I'm a bad girl. I took this while driving to the beach one morning a year or more back in time. I found this photo while seaching my hard drive the otherday too. We were heading to the beach for a walk. Nothing like salty air in the morning to get a dog excited about the day!

Carito PertuzYustes
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