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Thyroid cure

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5 Weight Loss Tips You May Not Have Considered

Let's talk about estrogen. This vitally important hormone tends to be associated with women, whereas testosterone is considered the predominantly male hormone. But this isn't accurate--it's important to note that while men and women do have different concentrations of these hormones, everyone has a combination of both.

These Neck Exercises Can Balance Your Thyroid, Head, and Neck

Can Neck Exercises Really Improve Your Thyroid? https://youtu.be/JsO5c3XGcWw Want to improve the function of your head, neck, and thyroid in just 3 minutes each day? If so, you are in the right place! Today we

The 6 Supplements I Take to Support My Thyroid | Mollie Mason

Weight gain. The crazy 25-pounds-within-2-months kind. Exhaustion. The real, in-my-bones, I-can-hardly-stand-in-the-shower kind. Brain fog. The truly-forgetting-what-I-just-said, struggling-to-form-sentences kind. Depression and anxiety. The crippling, I-truly-feel-like-a-shell-of-myself kind. These are just a few of the symptoms I’ve suffered because of my thyroid issues and you better believe I’ve been fighting hard to find relief. I’ve worked on managing my stress, I’ve adjusted my…

How Zinc Boosts Thyroid Function + What Form to use

https://youtu.be/0dQG5tiegaQ All Thyroid Patients Need Zinc This a bold statement but one that I think you will come to agree with as you read this article. Zinc, in my opinion, is one of the single

Top 10 Plant-Based Thyroid Healing Foods

When I first started researching and learning how to heal from this thyroid cancer diagnosis, I came across so many wonderful references validating the power of using food as medicine. The father of medicine known for his popular quote… “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates nails this concept as it

The Top 5 Best Diets for Your Thyroid: Which one is best?

Diet is one of the most important parts of treating your hypothyroidism. Not only can it help you lose weight, but diet also plays an important role in reducing symptoms. That means eating the right

Thyroid vs Adrenal- Which is Your Problem

Know what is Adrenal gland and why is it important. Symptoms of Adrenal dysfunction and the difference between Thyroid and adrenal dysfunction.

Low Thyroid Symptoms: Do You Have an Underactive Thyroid Causing Weight Loss Resistance? Test Yourself at Home for Low Thyroid Levels

Experiencing just a few of the low thyroid symptoms listed below can make your life a living hell… Weight gain or inability to lose weight... A slow metabolism... Food cravings and night-time hunger... Sleeping problems... Constant fatigue... Mind fog... And many more. If you have to add the lack of understanding of these debilitating hypothyroidism symptoms from your family and friends (and even from your family doctor), your frustration is completely justified. But you are not a victim…

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Thyroid Function Disorder And How To Fix It | The WHOot

Learn the symptoms of Thyroid Function Disorder Problems and what you can do to get yourself back on track. This is a hugely informative post.

How To Stimulate The Thyroid To Burn Fat And Activate Metabolism

In first world countries, it can sometimes seem like everyone is overweight. According to the American Heart Association, an astonishing 60-75% of the United States population is overweight or obese!1 People swing in and out of challenging diets, and gain and lose weight in cycles. The good news is that by using lifestyle and nutritional tactics that consistently help burn fat, you can make long-lasting healthy weight loss a reality. Also, boosting the function of your thyroid gland helps to…

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