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I'm Captain Amelia. Late of a few run-ins with the Procyon Armada, nasty business, but I won't bore you with my scars.Captain Amelia introducing herself to Dr. Doppler Captain Amelia is the tritagonist in Disney's 2002 animated feature film, Treasure Planet. A humanoid alien bearing feline physical features, she is the experienced captain of the RLS Legacy, the ship Doctor Delbert Doppler hired to journey to Treasure Planet. She is an alien who appears to be some sort of hybrid of cat and…

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Felinids are a species of sapient humanoid felines and the female counterparts of the Canids. Like Earth felines, they possess great agility. Canids and Felinids are one of the many species that make up the Empire, which also includes Aquanogs, Arcturians, Cragorians, Densadrons, Geeories, Humans, Macriki, Mantavors, Optocs, Tuskrus and Zirrelians, among others. Captain Amelia captained the spaceship RLS Legacy in an expedition to find and retrieve the lost treasure of ancient pirate Captain…

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